Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Supper Table Discussions

I'll let you all in on a little secret. In the south "dinner" is not called "dinner" but rather for some unknown at least unknown to me reason it's called "supper". My family had always practiced a ritual at supper time in which everyone actually sits down together at the dining table, regardless of how busy we are, and has this meal together. This is our bonding time, our time to discuss the day's activities and share things with each other. So when Trucker and I married this same tradition continued. Much to the happiness of Princess and the Rug Rats. Trucker's family had never taken part in this tradition which was totally astounding to me, but regardless, he is happy about it and loves it.

There is however one huge difference between the supper table discussions in our household now versus when I was a child. My childhood meals were always fun but never gut laughter and what was considered to be ill-mannered talks. By ill-mannered I mean, discussions of bodily functions. This is probably the case in most households across the country as well. And God forbid one of us actually burp by mistake, this was also a huge NO-NO. If this did happen we were politely asked to leave the table and head to our bedroom alone.

We now have lively discussions at each meal. Things that probably make most people's heads reel and bring shock to anyone who hears. I also want to point out the kids know not to act this way outside of home. This would be horrible to do this sort of thing at Cracker Barrel on a Saturday night and they all know it. And in the two years we have been married and frequently eat out the children have never embarrassed us. We figure a family who discusses most anything during a meal will have children who will not be afraid to discuss anything with their parents.

So now I give you a video that Trucker took while we were eating dessert the other night. We did not at first realize he was doing this. He had the camera out and we assumed he was fixing to take some pictures, not really taping us in the act. He found great joy in the thought that when the children are older he can show this and have memories. He also found great joy in the thought it would and will make a great blackmail story for Princess.
I also want to be sure and point out there is not much on earth that embarrasses me. As you can attest after watching the video. Also let it be known that I had worked my ever loving ass off that day cleaning house and I normally do not look like this during a meal or anytime while at home. So be prepared for the horrible sight of me. It's OK to laugh, poke fun and be shocked. Hey, you can even tell me if you want to. I think the previous weeks of heat in the house affected our minds. Tee Hee.

A family that laughs together Stays together.


Mental P Mama said...

That looked liked a scrumptious dessert...and I forget how much I miss a good southern accent! I think I'll speak my native Tennessee for my family tonight at dinner!

Blogarita said...

I grew up calling the evening meal supper, and the noon meal dinner. This was what my parents, grandparents and even my elementary school principal called them. But it was just too confusing to other people, so I now call the noon meal lunch, but still call the evening meal supper.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I researched it. Supper is always an evening meal. Dinner is always the biggest meal of the day, regardless of when it was eaten. Farm families often had the big meal at noon, thus calling it dinner.

Farts were frowned upon at the table, but burps were simply excused. LOL!

Meg said...

Lunch is only lunch with women who "do" lunch in my book. I grew up with it being known as dinner and everyone else's dinner is our SUPPER!

Jennifer H said...

We used to have supper, too. But now I call it dinner.

That video was hilarious! You guys are funny.