Friday, May 9, 2008

Embarrassing Moments in Time

I was reading a blog the other day and the blogger was discussing what her most embarrassing moment in time had ever been. I do not remember though where I read this or I would link back to it. Her most embarrassing moment was not one I would have considered for one minute. As were most of the responses she had received to it. Upon my comment back for my moment in time I think I won had it been a contest hands down with my answer.

So fellow bloggers I am asking you to share yours with me. That is after you regain control of yourselves after reading mine.

When trucker and I first discussed his idea of going into trucking as a career we also gave serious talk to the fact that our sex life would be different think null and void here and could we survive it. After all he would be gone for weeks on end during this time. We have always had a very active sex life since practically day one of meeting. OK, I'm not a slut here we waited a few weeks after our first initial meeting anyway.

After our discussion of how sex would be few and far between we found some simple wonderful, joyful, and blessed alternatives. Trucker got online and ordered me a "friend" of the battery operated variety. Oh how I became very close to my "friend" for that long year. Right about now you're thinking this is way more than I ever wanted to know about her.

When trucker took the local job a few months ago my little "friend" starting collecting dust and quite honestly went unnoticed by myself and trucker. Now my nightstand doesn't have drawers in it and "friend" had been kept underneath on the floor in a basket when his services were not required. "Friend" had been forgotten and not thought of in a long time. That is until...................................

Rug rat 1 and Rug rat 2 were in our bedroom one night watching tv. More than likely some great episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants that they couldn't live without. Trucker and I were in the living room watching the races and were having a good time together. When out of our bedroom Rug rat 2 comes running with "friend" in his hand and thrusts it upon Trucker asking "what is this thing"? OMG I could have died of embarrassment at this time. It was all I could do to keep from jumping and running leaving trucker all alone to face this question. I regained control of myself and looked over at trucker as well and said "well since he asked you and not me, what is that thing"? Without missing a beat trucker looked Rug rat 2 in the face while he managed to keep a straight face and reached out and took "friend" and calmly said "It's a flashlight that Treasia has used from time to time while daddy was on the road, in case the power went out she knew right where it was". Wonderful answer trucker! Now he's gonna ask how you turn it on. But Rug rat 2 accepted this answer and ran back into our bedroom to resume his Sponge Bob cartoon watching and never give it another thought. Trucker and I both however burst out laughing and said how damn lucky we were that Rug rat 2 wasn't more inquisitive about it than that.

"Friend" was packed deeply away that night and hopefully never to be seen or heard from again. At least unless trucker decides he ever has the desire to travel from one end of the US to the other again.

Now fellow bloggers share your moments in time with me. I have bared my soul to you and hope to hear some wonderful "moments" from you.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

HAHAHAHA... a most EXCELLENT answer!

Treasia said...

Beth-Am I holding my breath here for your answer in return? LOL. Come on and share with us.

TSannie said...

I am laughing myself silly!

Must think on this and get back to you. I KNOW I have been in more embarrassing situations than I care to remember....but where are they in my memory bank???? I really need to get some of that genko-biloba or whatever it's called - I hear it helps with memory stuff....

Jennifer H said...

Well, at least you weren't using your friend in an upstairs bedroom when you hear "Maintenance!" and realize that the maintenance guy you called earlier in the day to fix something has let himself in and is heading up the stairs RIGHT NOW. Except you never heard him knocking or ringing the doorbell.

At least that didn't happen to you.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh that is a good one! Busy wracking my feeble mind for a good one, too.

Meg said...

Oh T! Seriously???? I don't personally have one LIKE that, but get this...years ago we sat down for Thanksgiving dinner and my sister who had been recently divorced was there with her young son. We were all eating and talking and having a good time when somehow the conversation turned to hotdogs. My sister quickly put her two cents in and let everyone know she hates hotdogs...THEN my nephew pops off and says "no you don't mom" and she starts debating with him on the subject firmly letting him know she has a total disdain for hotdogs...then,...(I KID YOU NOT) he silenced the entire table with "mom, if you hate "weeeeeeneeesss" so much, why is there a pink one under your bed?"!!!!!!!!!

Treasia said...

tsannie-They say one of the first things to go in mid life is your memory! Better watch out.

Jennifer-How funny that is. Not for you (or the maintenance man) but so funny. BTW, did he Fix whatever you called him to fix?

Mama-Get racking!

Meg-That's hilarious and out of the mouth's of babes. Too good.

Snooty Primadona said...

Ok, that had me cracking up & spewing saliva all over the computer monitor.

I'm afraid I have too many embarrassing moments. I can't decide, lol.

Jamie said...

I was sitting in a my mom's truck with three other women and we came a cross a male driver who was being extremely "special" while driving on the interstate and instead of saying "he's driving with in his pants" I dirtied it up even more and said "he's driving with what's in his penis." Needless to say I'll never live that one down.