Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When You Just Can't Take It Anymore

Learn the secrets of " Middle Age Women". Inside this wonderful book it will reveal to everyone who reads it:

1. How to teach your co-workers and supervisor "Back Away, Don't fuck with me It's not a good day".

2. How to teach your husband that "If you hear middle age women" snarl, for god's sake go away". It's just a warning.

3. How to learn how to work "With computers that are slower than a one legged man in a marathon".

4. How to "have a hot flash" and survive.

5. How sometimes it's OK not to have to pull your big girl panties up.

6. How "tantrums" at work makes you feel so much better.

7. How to maintain your job at work after having said tantrum.

8. How not always doing for the other people you love does not make you a bad person.

9. How to survive and teach your family that not everyone remembers the same shit from 2 million years ago. Some things it's ok to forget.

And most important of all.

10. How to have a "I just don't give a shit day" and get away with it.



Asphalt Widow said...

LOL I am all about #10 :-)

Snooty Primadona said...

I MUST HAVE this book! You know, since I throw so many tantrums and all. It would be ever so nice to know how to get my azz out of a sling once I put it there...

Gail said...

Around here they say I have my panties in a wad. Whatever it is called, I want this book!

Julie said...

I *love* this! Must get this book!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, please come back! I shall be stalking yours from now on! :)