Sunday, November 2, 2008

Warm Comfort Food

Image courtesy of Dreams of a Country Girl. Please don't be mad at me for not getting your permission before posting. Pink Fuzzy Glitter Heart Love You!

I know I have never wrote about food much other than to say we ate out somewhere special. But the weekend rolled around and as much as I hate to cook, it was necessary again. All week long my family lives off of microwave food, frozen food or what we refer to as "water and with it" nights. My schedule doesn't allow much time for cooking as I don't get home from work till around 10 pm. Oh I hear you out there saying "Well you don't go in to work till noon, so you have all morning to cook". My answer to you who think this "Poo Poo on you, I hate to cook". I've never claimed to be Ms. Martha Stewart and you will never hear me say this. Nor my family say it either.

Oh once upon a time like probably 20 years ago I enjoyed cooking and being the traditional homemaker person. And then, then I say, I grew up, screw cooking. Let someone else do it for a change. Alas, Trucker obviously did not marry me for the wonderful home cooked meals I made him while dating.

I digress here though. This weekend I needed to cook something warm, filling and so help me god I wanted something different and not the hum drum bland stuff of the last 30 years. Plus it had to last the weekend as when I do decide to cook, I ain't doing it but once on the weekends. I'm all selfish that way! I craved new and different. I remembered reading about a recipe on a friends blog and had thought how really appetizing this recipe sounded. Why not try it? What would I lose? What would I gain? Love from the family, that's what. Or hate if it turned out horrible.

But it turned out to be the best thing I have cooked in a long, long time. It melted in your mouth good. Almost better than an orgasm good. Notice I said "almost". Nothing is that good, not even chocolate. Whoops forgive me mind drifted here. OK, now out of the gutter and back to this wonderful food.

Country Girl called it "Hot Mexican Momma makes Hot Mexican Soup". Now as you all know I am for sure not a Hot Mexican Momma but I made this delectable soup. OMG let me just say "To die for". If you want to try something new, something warm and filling and something that will knock the socks off the love in your life, then please make this. Trucker is still barefoot and smiling.

Thanks for posting this recipe Country Girl. I big PINK, GLITTER FUZZY HEART LOVE YOU FOR THIS.


Gail said...

I can smell it...mmmmmmmm!

Living on the Spit said...

That does look really, really delish.

Thanks for reposting crack me up!!!


Asphalt Widow said...

Oh that looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that does look good. I love comfort food. I'm not much of a cook, but I do like to really throw myself into cooking occasionally.

Snooty Primadona said...

Dang! That looks so wonderful.

Any time you need some easy recipes, you just let me know. I have so many that are easy & just make it look like you're the world's greatest cook in the world.

forsythia said...

Home from work at 10 PM. Girl, you deserve credit for still being upright and all.

I have a "Cuckoo Couscous" recipe for you. Pour one cup of quinoa in 2 cups of boiling water. Put lid on pot and take off the heat. Remove lid 10 minutes later to fluff couscous with fork. Say, "What the hell? What's wrong with this stuff?" Throw it out and start over. Use couscous this time.

After this, do NOT display these foreign, new-fangled grains in pretty glass bottles on the counter. Keep them in their boxes.